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Need Assistance For your Journey? Contact Spirit Customer Care

Journeys are the most important part of our life. While making journeys especially the air one needs reliable assistance. For all your air travels, you can choose us to make your journey worthwhile. You can anytime reach our team for a query related to check-in, baggage, refund and cancellation policy and more.

Travel without a hassle with Spirit, it is one of the greatest airlines whose headquarter is located in Miramar, Florida. The airline is known for its incredible services to the passengers. For guidance reach our team for Spirit Customer Care.

Know About Check-in

Get the two easiest ways to check-in for your flight with Spirit. Following are the two ways through which you can check-in for your flight,

Online Check-In

Online check-in facility is available through all spirit airlines flights.  You can check-in through the online check-in page. Here, you have to enter your flight details to check-in online. The facility of web check-in stays open 24 hours prior to your spirit flight and closes one hour prior to. Moreover, you don’t require baggage for using an online check-in facility. For an incredible journey, choose to fly with us and reserve your seats at Spirit Airlines Reservations.

Airport Check-In

If fliers of Spirit Airlines are unable to check-in online or require special support then, they can directly go to the airport for check-in. Fliers need to arrive at the airport two hours prior to their departure flight timings. Make sure you arrive 2 hours prior to your domestic flight and 3 hours prior to your international flight. Give yourself some time to make your check-in easy through baggage drop and get better services through Spirit Customer Care.

Know About Baggage

The baggage policy of Spirit airlines is liberal; you can easily carry what you require for your flight.

Personal Item

If you are taking your personal item for your spirit’s journey then, the item must be in small size and should not go beyond 45 x 35 x 20 cm.

Carry-on Baggage

For Your Carry-on baggage makes sure you carry items according to the baggage requirements of the Spirit Airlines. The carry-on baggage must not go beyond the limits of 56 x 46 x 25 cm. Spirit doesn’t charge anything for personal items. They are easily transported for your journey. for the hassle-free journey, book your seats at Spirit Airlines Reservations.

Checked Baggage

Passengers who are flying by Spirit can carry 18 kg and more than 159cms. If any of your baggage is exceeding these limits then there would be some charges on your baggage. The checked baggage fees may depend on your duration and route of your spirit flight. You should make sure you check baggage in a convenient way.

Why choose us?

For all your journeys, our team of travel agents is there to assist you. They are available round the clock to make you experience a hassle-free journey. You can anytime reach to our travel specialists. They are well qualified and highly trained in order to fulfill all your needs and demands. They understand how to provide better service to the customers to make their journey incredible. You can get every relevant information related to your journeys such as check-in, baggage, refund and cancellation policy and more to make you experience the world’s top journey.  What are you waiting for? Reserve your seats with Spirit Airlines Reservations.